RAMADAN TORONTO – New release – out today!

This single is only available in an MP3 format at this point, not on CD.

This song is about re-connecting with so many of those distinct experiences and aspirations that come about as we observe Ramadan in the Greater Toronto Area, and really with large metropolitan cities anywhere in the world.

It’s a cover of an original song in Danish – “Ramadan i København” (Ramadan in Copenhagen) – that was written, recorded, and released by my dear brother Isam Bachiri in 2020. I loved the song, and I loved it even more when he suggested that I pen a cover for Toronto. Over the next few weeks, Sidi Isam was an insightful sounding board as I went through multiple drafts and rewrites of the lyrics. And my wife and manager Bano’s suggestion made for the perfect ending to this song.

I pray that you enjoy hearing it even more than we enjoyed crafting it with love.

Click HERE for more details, credits, lyrics, a sample clip, and where your money will insha’Allah be going to when you buy or stream this single.

I won’t go into too much detail about what is going on in this song, as I want all of you to experience it yourself. I will say this – many of you outside of Toronto will also find yourself drawn to and connecting with this song.


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