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Take My Hand, CD


This album has been in the works for almost exactly 10 years. I began working on it in 1998, focusing mostly on Arabic and Urdu content. Over the years, as I read more English translations of the poetic works of earlier generations of Muslims, I started writing and composing songs in English. This proved very difficult at times – it took me five years to get a complete idea of what I wanted “The Sound Of Tears” to sound like. At other times, it proved surprisingly easy – I remember writing the Quest in an inspired mid-afternoon hour in Toronto on July 2001. A similar moment on a busy Dubai freeway was where I wrote “Take My Hand” in 2005 (I pulled over to do the actual writing, in case you were wondering).
Getting the actual production going was frustrating at first. I may have given up hope along the way, had it not been for the consistent support and encouragement of many, many people, and had Allah not shown me time and again that my work was adding real tangible value to the lives of others.
I’ve done quite a bit of experimentation here, whether it’s singing Urdu naats and songs in Arabic and Persian melodic modes, or singing English lyrics to distinctly Turkish tunes. I hope it proves both enjoyable and inspirational to all listeners.

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