Nader Khan




… (नादेर खान / نادر خان) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, recording artist, producer, arts educator, and musicologist, with a specific focus on traditional and contemporary Islamic devotional/Sufi music. Over the last 25 years, he has toured and performed across Canada, United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, Norway, the West Indies, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore in solo performances, and on tours with other internationally renowned artists. Nader has also spearheaded various social justice initiatives that promote local and international relief efforts through Islamic devotional music, arts, youth engagement, and inspiration.


To book Nader, individually or with the Blacksmiths, or to get more information about his albums, performances, workshops and upcoming projects, email Bano@naderkhan.com.



The Blacksmiths

… are a diverse group of percussionists and vocalists that provide a beautiful live backdrop for Nader Khan’s songs and music. This tight group of local artists first came together in October 2014. They combine their talents to create a unique tapestry of sound that engages audiences and lights up hearts and concert halls.

In summer 2017, The Blacksmiths embarked on their first international tour in the UK, and helped raise over CAD$ 700,000 for SKT Welfare‘s charity efforts for Syrian refugees.


The live percussion of the Blacksmiths accompanying Nader’s devotional singing, is an experience not to be missed. To book Nader, individually or with the Blacksmiths, or to get more information about his performances, workshops and upcoming projects, email Bano@naderkhan.com.



Nader is committed to #ShareTheProphet (ﷺ) in word and deed. In a world with an increasing frequency of ugly representations of the Prophet’s pure and beautiful message, it is all the more important to openly exemplify The Prophet’s mercy (ﷺ), concern and generosity for all creation.

You can help Nader #ShareTheProphet by contributing to the production of his upcoming albums. Just click below and follow the instructions.


Usually production and distribution of independent albums is financed by investors who recoup their principal (plus a profit) via album sales. The album is in debt even before it’s recorded, and the entire sales and marketing strategy is governed by their return on investment.

In a radical departure from this model, in 2013 Nader embarked on a daring new endeavour bringing together service and devotion, by channeling 100% of his sales revenue from future albums into humanitarian causes. Seed funding for the album’s production is raised through individual sponsors, crowdsourcing and donations, which then allows Nader the freedom to channel 100% of sales revenue towards designated humanitarian causes. This way, Nader makes devotional art a powerful means of service for generations to come. In fact, by now songs from the recently release album WATER have helped raise over CAD$2 million for various charitable causes in the first 2 years after its release.

“My work has always been about bringing together devotional music and positive change – both in people’s hearts and in the world around us. We just hadn’t found a model that did both things justice … until now”.




… was established by Nader Khan and his wife and manager Dr. Bano Murtuja in June 2013 to provide the infrastructure support required to truly #ShareTheProphet.

FSR provides artist representation, administration and the financial support that leaves their artists free to focus on their art.

FSR seeks to sign artists from all walks of life that share our goal of connecting hearts to God and to The Beloved of God (ﷺ) through exceptional lyrics and service.